Friday, February 8, 2008

Survivor is back!

Last evening on the season premier of Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites we were treated to a new twist on the show. Ten people who are considered "Rabid" fans of the show were pitted against ten "favorites" from seasons past.

During one of the early segments of the show Alexis, a motivational speaker on the Fan team said:

"I think the fans versus favorites setup is the ultimate challenge because we have the favorites who have obviously played the game before, coming in here with experience. But at the same time you have us (the fans) and we know their game. We know not only their strengths but weaknesses too. So I think that puts us at a huge advantage."

I would like you to post a response to this quote keeping in mind what we have covered to date in class.

Post a 150-200 word response on y our blog by 11:59 PM Tuesday, February 12th. Post a response to at least two other people in the class in the comments section of their post.

See the post below this for the criteria.

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