Sunday, February 3, 2008

Assignment Description: Team Media Presentations

For this assignment you will pair up with another classmate and present a 25 minute Power Point presentation on either the cultural history or current structure (how the business is today). You will be randomly paired up with another student in the class and will need to deliver your presentation on the assigned day that is indicated in your syllabus.

The presentation should feature Power Point slides rich with embedded images and possible sound and video if possible. At the very least images should be used liberally and you should do your best to scour the internet for other rich media (video and sound). You should avoid bullet point slides like they are the plague. I, and your fellow classmates, are not interested in reading your presentation. You need to use Power Point as an aid, not the entire delivery platform.

The Historical Presentation. This needs to be more than just a time line of significant events. You need to be aware of the cultural events lead to a change in the development of your medium and/or how certain developments lead to cultural and social change. It's possible to organize your presentation around specific changes in the medium, a set of technological changes, important individuals in your medium. I don't expect you to cover everything, but by the end of the presentation we should have a clear idea of the significant developments of your medium. In order to focus this a bit, I am only interested in the development of your medium in this country.

The Structural Presentation. The focus of this is to let us know what is happening in the medium today. Deal with the current business climate as well as the technological issues. Like the previous presentation you need to have a focus for this presentation. There won't be the temptation to do a linear/time line approach since this isn't historical in nature. You will also want to deal a good portion of your time on some of the significant convergence issues that your medium is facing and how newer technology is changing the face of the medium.

You will be graded on:
  • Clear, significant and easy-to-follow organization of the presentation.
  • Appropriate use of Power Point as a presentation aid including slide design and media usage.
  • Extemporaneous delivery of your material.
  • Focus on either the cultural or societal focus in the Historical Presentation or the current structural and convergence issues in the Structural Presentation.

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