Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where's Your Stuff

Post your links here for your social media products.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Post Topics for Transmedia Project

In the comments section, post the media entity for your transmedia project. Carefully read what other people what posted. NO duplicates allowed.

The following have already been selected:
  • Walking Dead
  • Hunger Games
  • Pirates of the Caribbean

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why we need media literacy

Your final graded blog posting of the semester revolves around why we, society, need media literacy. I am asking you to post a 500 to 600 word response to this theme on YOUR blog by 11:59 PM Wednesday, April 30th.

Here's what you need to know.

The title of your posting will be __________________: Why we need media literacy. You fill in the blank with your own title and then end with the subtitle I have provide above.

In your response, you want to make a case why we need media literacy. This is wide open for you with regard what focus you want to take...elementary students, middle school, high school, college...whatever.

As you write this make sure it is just not opinion. Support your ideas with examples and reasoning. Use sources other than your text book.

You have a case to make, so make it in a way that depends not on your opinion alone.

To put yourself in the right frame of mind you might like to assume again that you have been asked to write a column on this topic by the editor of an online magazine that your write for.

I look forward to reading your responses.

Monday, April 14, 2008

What are the media effects in your life?

For this posting, you will need to carry out the exercise in your text on page 260 (Exercise 14.1). Read the exercise instructions carefully before beginning and then do what they say in the exercise. This will take a little planning since you'll need to carefully choose a media product.

After you are done conducting the steps of the exercise, you will need to write a 450 to 500 word blog entry on what you have learned. Remember, that there is potentially a larger audience for this post than this class. While you don't want to spend all your words summarizing what you did, a little context will be necessary.

In your response you will want to detail what you have learned about your use and potential effects of the media on you and your life. You will want to reference other material than your book. You will want to address how you would like your life with media to change and develop in the years to come.

This post is due on your blog by 11:59 Sunday, April 20th.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Vatican and Social Communication

Please post here one thing you AGREE with and one thing you DISAGREE with regarding the reading from the Vatican assigned for discussion this Friday.

Have you comments posted TO THIS POST by 5 PM on Thursday, April 10th.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Audience and Ratings

For the weblog entry due for this week, look up the Nielsen ratings on one of your favorite prime time network television shows. If you don’t like any network shows chose something that one of your friends watches. How many television households watched that program in the recent week and how’s it compare to other shows in its timeslot. How does your show do when it comes to ratings versus share? What do you think would happen to the ratings if you move the show to a different time night and time period? What kind of competition would it face? How do you think the ratings would change and why?

Write a 400 to 450 word analysis using the questions mentioned int he above paragraph. Please have a coherent thesis (an idea which hold the entry together). Use examples. Write like professionals. Write like you in fact have an audience outside of this class.

This entry should b e posted on YOUR blog before 11:59 PM Sunday, April 6th.

Ratings information abounds on the internet, but here are some links you might find useful:

Monday, March 3, 2008

Review Postman Amusing Ourselves to Death

This assignment is due on YOUR blog by 11:59 PM, Monday, March 10th.

You will write a 350 to 400 review of this book that you will post on your blog. remember that you should approach the tone of this not as if you were responding to a class assignment. Assume that you are a media critic and that you came across this book recently and read it upon the recommendation of a colleague. You read the book and have some thoughts about it's relevance to the media today.

As you write this you need to keep a couple things in mind. First review the previous post on this blog about writing better posts. Also review the post for the last assignment which had some good links in it about writing critical opinion pieces. Also, here are some more specific requirements for this assignment:

  • You want to focus your comments. You can't write 400 words without a focus. Develop a thesis (an idea you want to support and go from there).
  • You don't have to agree with him and you can argue that there is or isn't relevance to the media landscape today. It's your choice, you'll just need to...
  • Support your thesis with specific examples from what is happening today in the media landscape. Cite some other sources other than the book.
Remember the due date mentioned above and and please post comments to at least two other blog next week.

Postman Discussion Part II

It's time! We will discuss part two of the Postman book in class on Friday. By 11:59 PM on Wednesday March 5th. Post one idea or statement you agree with and why you agree with it and one statement or idea you disagree with and why.

Ten points for this toward your blogging grade is done on (zero) points if late.

Post your response to the comments section of THIS post.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review a citizen journalism site

To complete this assignment you will need to find a citizen journalism site on the web on which to base your review. A list of possible sites can be found at the CyberJournalist site.

A quick review of the Poynter Institute has a good article that is worth a quick read where the different types of sites are categorized.

Now for this assignment:
  • Find a site from the list at the CyberJournalist site mentioned above or find one on your own.
  • Write a commentary about the news considerations of the site. You will want to recheck Chapter 7 in the textbook to see the themes that were covered that can serve as a potential hook or thesis for your commentary. You might want to check this article on writing a commentary or this one about op ed pieces. Look at what the authors suggest about content.
  • Be specific and avoid generalities. If you make a point, support it from the article.
  • Avoid excessive quoting of the article. The words you quote really don't count as part of word count requirement for this assignment.
  • Have a catchy title.
  • This review needs to be between 300 and 350 words.
This assignment is due by 11:59 PM, February 29th. Post it to your blog by this time.

Better Posts...

My purpose with this post is to give you some hints on how to approach the posts on your blog so that the writing improves and the focus improves. Here's what i want you to think and do for the next assignment.
  • Don't write your post as if the only audience is the rest of the class. These are live and people outside the college can read them. When you reference me or something in class, a read has no idea of the context.
  • Think of yourself as a mass media producer. Your message is going out to (potentially) a lot of people, and your topic needs to focus on something they find important.
  • Use frequent paragraph breaks with double spaces between paragraphs. It makes for easier reading if you do this.
  • Link to information outside on other sites. If you reference information from an online source, link to it. If you mention an actor or musical artist you could link to their site or profile on Internet Movie Database.
  • An image or two proper sized makes the post seem more professional.
  • Make sure you have a point you are trying to make, a thesis that drives your post.
  • If it's helpful assume that your post in addition to showing up on your blog will also be carried on a site like TVSquad or TVGuide. You'll know immediately by reading your post if it has the proper tone if you think about this.
  • Read this review of the movie Crash that was assigned to last year's Mass Comm class taught by Mr. Weaver. It gives you the sense of how this review could appear online at a movie review site for example.
Please keep these ideas in mind as you work on the next blogging assignment for class.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Survivor is back!

Last evening on the season premier of Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites we were treated to a new twist on the show. Ten people who are considered "Rabid" fans of the show were pitted against ten "favorites" from seasons past.

During one of the early segments of the show Alexis, a motivational speaker on the Fan team said:

"I think the fans versus favorites setup is the ultimate challenge because we have the favorites who have obviously played the game before, coming in here with experience. But at the same time you have us (the fans) and we know their game. We know not only their strengths but weaknesses too. So I think that puts us at a huge advantage."

I would like you to post a response to this quote keeping in mind what we have covered to date in class.

Post a 150-200 word response on y our blog by 11:59 PM Tuesday, February 12th. Post a response to at least two other people in the class in the comments section of their post.

See the post below this for the criteria.

Criteria For Blog Entries

"A" level work. Posts and responses to posts are on time and you meet deadlines. Proper grammar. No typos or spelling mistakes. High degree of reflectivity on answers. You think critically and your post shows it. You are relating your post to ideas and concepts presented in class and you reference outside sources to support your ideas.

"B" level work. Posts and responses are on time. Proper grammar. Few if any typos or spelling mistakes. Good degree of reflectivity. You reference class concepts when needed.

"C" level work. Posts aren't on time, but are posted within a day. There may be some grammar issues. Superficial reflectivity. Mostly your thoughts and opinions without support.

"D" level work. Posts late. Extensive grammar, typo and spelling issues. Superficial responses and no degree of reflectivity.

"F" level work. Fails to post within five days of deadline.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Assignment Description: Team Media Presentations

For this assignment you will pair up with another classmate and present a 25 minute Power Point presentation on either the cultural history or current structure (how the business is today). You will be randomly paired up with another student in the class and will need to deliver your presentation on the assigned day that is indicated in your syllabus.

The presentation should feature Power Point slides rich with embedded images and possible sound and video if possible. At the very least images should be used liberally and you should do your best to scour the internet for other rich media (video and sound). You should avoid bullet point slides like they are the plague. I, and your fellow classmates, are not interested in reading your presentation. You need to use Power Point as an aid, not the entire delivery platform.

The Historical Presentation. This needs to be more than just a time line of significant events. You need to be aware of the cultural events lead to a change in the development of your medium and/or how certain developments lead to cultural and social change. It's possible to organize your presentation around specific changes in the medium, a set of technological changes, important individuals in your medium. I don't expect you to cover everything, but by the end of the presentation we should have a clear idea of the significant developments of your medium. In order to focus this a bit, I am only interested in the development of your medium in this country.

The Structural Presentation. The focus of this is to let us know what is happening in the medium today. Deal with the current business climate as well as the technological issues. Like the previous presentation you need to have a focus for this presentation. There won't be the temptation to do a linear/time line approach since this isn't historical in nature. You will also want to deal a good portion of your time on some of the significant convergence issues that your medium is facing and how newer technology is changing the face of the medium.

You will be graded on:
  • Clear, significant and easy-to-follow organization of the presentation.
  • Appropriate use of Power Point as a presentation aid including slide design and media usage.
  • Extemporaneous delivery of your material.
  • Focus on either the cultural or societal focus in the Historical Presentation or the current structural and convergence issues in the Structural Presentation.