Friday, February 8, 2008

Criteria For Blog Entries

"A" level work. Posts and responses to posts are on time and you meet deadlines. Proper grammar. No typos or spelling mistakes. High degree of reflectivity on answers. You think critically and your post shows it. You are relating your post to ideas and concepts presented in class and you reference outside sources to support your ideas.

"B" level work. Posts and responses are on time. Proper grammar. Few if any typos or spelling mistakes. Good degree of reflectivity. You reference class concepts when needed.

"C" level work. Posts aren't on time, but are posted within a day. There may be some grammar issues. Superficial reflectivity. Mostly your thoughts and opinions without support.

"D" level work. Posts late. Extensive grammar, typo and spelling issues. Superficial responses and no degree of reflectivity.

"F" level work. Fails to post within five days of deadline.

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