Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review a citizen journalism site

To complete this assignment you will need to find a citizen journalism site on the web on which to base your review. A list of possible sites can be found at the CyberJournalist site.

A quick review of the Poynter Institute has a good article that is worth a quick read where the different types of sites are categorized.

Now for this assignment:
  • Find a site from the list at the CyberJournalist site mentioned above or find one on your own.
  • Write a commentary about the news considerations of the site. You will want to recheck Chapter 7 in the textbook to see the themes that were covered that can serve as a potential hook or thesis for your commentary. You might want to check this article on writing a commentary or this one about op ed pieces. Look at what the authors suggest about content.
  • Be specific and avoid generalities. If you make a point, support it from the article.
  • Avoid excessive quoting of the article. The words you quote really don't count as part of word count requirement for this assignment.
  • Have a catchy title.
  • This review needs to be between 300 and 350 words.
This assignment is due by 11:59 PM, February 29th. Post it to your blog by this time.

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Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

I listed your Mass Comm Class blog on my blog-o-rama update this week.