Monday, March 31, 2008

Audience and Ratings

For the weblog entry due for this week, look up the Nielsen ratings on one of your favorite prime time network television shows. If you don’t like any network shows chose something that one of your friends watches. How many television households watched that program in the recent week and how’s it compare to other shows in its timeslot. How does your show do when it comes to ratings versus share? What do you think would happen to the ratings if you move the show to a different time night and time period? What kind of competition would it face? How do you think the ratings would change and why?

Write a 400 to 450 word analysis using the questions mentioned int he above paragraph. Please have a coherent thesis (an idea which hold the entry together). Use examples. Write like professionals. Write like you in fact have an audience outside of this class.

This entry should b e posted on YOUR blog before 11:59 PM Sunday, April 6th.

Ratings information abounds on the internet, but here are some links you might find useful:

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